Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good News

A man in Great Britain who was facing possible murder charges for defending himself and his home has been cleared of all charges.  He was attacked in his home, fought for his life, and eventually stabbed one of the intruders six times.

Good for him.  Rather than passively allow his home, his property, and his life to be violated, he fought off two invaders and came away alive, as did his family which came home during the incident.  For doing what any person has a right to do, he risked spending the rest of his life in jail.  Now he can go about the rest of his life without worrying that some overly zealous prosecutor will come looking for him.

Maybe there's hope for Great Britain yet.


45er said...

I guess the most infuriating part is that The Crown feels the need to put their citizenry through the cost of court and possibility of going to prison for stuff like this.

RD said...

Better to be judged than carried by six.

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