Friday, October 14, 2011

A Learning Opportunity

The truck has been finicky lately when I try to start it.  It's a manual 5 speed, so there's a clutch pedal and a switch that senses when the pedal is depressed.  If the switch works properly, the engine won't crank when the pedal is up, but will crank when the pedal is down. 

Apparently the switch is starting to go, or maybe the clutch itself is.  If I leave the pedal up, no crank.  Push the pedal to the floor, no crank.  Push the pedal to the floor, then back off about an inch or so, the engine cranks.

I took a look at what it takes to replace the switch, and I pretty much have to take the entire pushrod assembly out to swap it out.  The switch is an integral part of some clutch component or another.

Otherwise the transmission works just fine.  The clutch has to be pretty far down to engage, but I have long legs, so it's actually more comfortable for me than one that engages high up.

Haven't torn apart a clutch since I was 15.  This is going to be interesting. Until I get both the necessary parts and the gumption to do it, I'll just play Goldie Locks with the clutch pedal (This one is too high, this one is too low, this one is just right.)  Looks like I'm going to get a little grease under my fingernails.

1 comment:

KurtP said...

You know- as long as you can figure out if it's a N/O or N/C switch, you should be able to just bypass it...

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