Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts for the Day

  • If your breakfast was a bag of potato chips eaten with ketchup and mayonnaise (not me, I promise), then don't be surprised that you're drinking water like there's no tomorrow.  Also, please stop sharing.  Really, just stop.
  • If you find a problem during testing, but don't tell anyone about it, you forfeit the right to be outraged when the same problem causes issues after the production rollout.
  • Yes, water is falling from the sky.  Can we at least go as fast as the speed limit?
  • There are precisely 5 people on the planet to whom I have granted the privilege of telling me what to do in exchange for a paycheck.  Odds are, you're not one of them.


Julie said...

"Yes, water is falling from the sky. Can we at least go as fast as the speed limit?"

Ah so that's a universal problem! I mean if it's falling so hard you can't see 10m in front of you then a) turn on those headlights (i'm talking to you in the grey car) and b) yes please slow down ... otherwise guys JUST DRIVE it's only RAIN!

DaddyBear said...

It was raining hard enough to need the wipers on intermittent, but not so hard I was worried about visibility. I swear some people panic at the drop of a hat.

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