Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're going to need a bigger boat

Scientists off the coast of South Africa were treated recently to an opportunity to conduct an up close and personal observation of a great white shark in the wild.  Specifically, a 9 plus foot long shark jumped out of the water, landed on the stern of a research vessel, and proceeded to thrash about, cutting fuel lines and such.  Eventually, the shark was returned to open water.

How'd you like to have been the research intern who was chumming when that thing jumped over you?  I just hope that same intern wasn't the one who had to hose out the bottom of the boat that day.  My guess is that it was especially foul after this incident


bluesun said...

Sounds like something that would happen in a Steve Zissou film...

Laura said...

Air Jaws. if you haven't watched it, you should...i was spellbound the first time i watched it and aced my speech class final by teaching the class all about the amazing jumping great whites. also, there's no possible way the people in that boat didn't know the risks of taking a boat out in that water. that's the only place in the world where whites are known to breach.

i shoulda' been a marine biologist...heh.

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