Thursday, July 14, 2011

Standard Disclaimer

The views expressed by DaddyBear are his and his alone.  The contents of blogposts at Daddy Bear's Den have nothing to do with Irish Woman, who is barely aware that this place exists, and usually just snorts when read a particularly clever post.  These views do not reflect the views of DaddyBear's employer, his neighbors, family, or friends, people who have the same political or religious affiliations as DaddyBear, citizens of the United States or any other terrestrial country, or most rational people.  Compliments or constructive counter-arguments should be left in the comments section of any post here.  Complaints, insults, and spam can be left in the comments section here.


PISSED said...

Mrs PISSED "You have a blog?"


Mrs PISSED " You never told me"

PISSED "You never asked"

Mrs PISSED " I thought you were busy at work? How do you have time to blog?"

PISSED "I don't know"

MRS PISSED "SO do you work at work?"

PISSED "Yes I search for boobies to post on my blog"

Mrs PISSED "That figures"

Old NFO said...

Blog? What is this blog you speak of??? :-)

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