Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Trip 2011 - Day Three

We went back to the zoo this morning and stayed for a few hours before fatigue and heat drove us back to the parking lot.  We cut the older kids loose with admonitions to mind their manners on pain of death, and Irish Woman and I took Boo to see the Islands, Africa, and Australia exhibits.  Three days of constant motion were definitely weighing on the little guy, and by the time we called it a day, he was pretty much reduced to sitting in the wagon and crying.  For those of you without kids, that is the international signal for "Daddy, I'm done.  Take me home so that I may partake of lunch and an afternoon nap.".  Irish Woman and I were about done too, and the Saturday morning crowds were getting outrageous, so it wasn't a hard sell to pack up and go home.

The highlight of the morning was the gorilla exhibit, complete with a baby gorilla.  I know, I know, cute baby animals is a worn-out meme, but that little guy sure was cute.  Irish Woman tried to get a picture of him, but mama gorilla wasn't cooperating.

This afternoon, I'm kicking the older kids out to the pool, relaxing, and rehydrating.  I may or not take them to the local science museum this afternoon, but that air conditioned couch is looking mighty inviting.

Here are the best of the pictures from today.

I'm the king of the world!

This is the greatest jungle gym I've ever seen.  It's 4 freaking stories tall!

If one more kid knocks on that glass, I'm going to go off like a kodiak marmoset!

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Jennifer said...
You'll thank me later. It's made of cuteness

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