Monday, November 14, 2011

Thought for the Day

  • I served as a pilot in the waning years of a war for survival against machines that gained sentience and then tried to destroy their creators.
  • I worked my way through the ranks to a mid-level leadership role.
  • My last assignment before retirement was to turn my beloved ship into an orbiting museum
  • My species was attacked without provocation, leading to the death of all but a few thousand humans
  • I had to take crap from a school teacher who happened to be in the chain of command when everyone above her was wiped out. This included when she started having visions
  • My sons tried to follow in my foot steps. One died in training and the other one turned into a whining politician
  • My crew included covert members of the enemy, sleeper agents who didn't even understand that they were committing sabotage and assassinations, a fighter pilot who may or not have been dead, and millenniums old members of a race of artificial life forms who gave my enemy the power to regenerate bodies when we killed them.
  • I led my motley little band of spaceships in search of a mythical ancient home, only to end up living alone in a cabin way out in the boonies when we finally found it.
  • I am Admiral Adama, and I am part of the 1% that survived
Occupy Caprica!

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