Monday, November 21, 2011

Thought for the Day

I think Boo might be a wizard, in the vein of Harry Potter.  He seems to only know one spell at the moment:  "Accio Crap My Father Doesn't Want Me To Have".  No matter what I take away from him, how high I put it, or how well I hide it, he always manages to have it again within minutes.  He's not able to overcome locks yet, so the gun safe is still secure, praise be.

I live in fear of the day he starts turning the cat into a teacup, though.


Auntie J said...

Large Fry has suddenly gotten so tall that she's able to reach certain shelves that I forget she's able to reach. Which explains how she got ahold of the cat's medicine twist-a-dose pen.

Nothing explains, though, why--when she KNOWS this is the kitty's medicine--she thought it was okay to take it and play "marker" or "lip gloss" with it. Yes, with the cat's happy drugs, which are in a transdermal gel.


Jennifer said...

Bwahahahaha! Kids are quite amazing.

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