Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Such a Romantic

The other day, I asked for advice on how to spend the gift card I got for my anniversary.  Nancy and Peter suggested books by Jeff Cooper, so I thought I'd go that way.

First, I followed Peter's advice and got The Art of the Rifle. Seems to be a good place to start. 

Next I got Principles of Self Defense.  Also sounds like a good addition.

Continuing our mini-hobby of self-sufficiency and prepping, I got Square Foot Gardening.  We already do a lot of the stuff in that particular niche, with our flowerpot tomatoes, raised garden beds, and using strawberries and fruit trees as landscaping, but having a reference around will be a help.

So far so good.  All of these are for me and my interests.

The last two, on the other hand, got me a strange look from Irish Woman when I told her about them.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I spent my anniversary gift buying Dr. Seuss books, specifically The Sneetches and and the ABC book.  My excuse is that I'll read them to Boo and then put them back for the grandkids, which are hopefully at least a decade away.  Irish Woman laughed, and told me that my un-romantic practical side was showing.


Borepatch said...

"Art of the Rifle" is very good.

And anything that lets you spend time with kids is a win.

Flier389 said...

Dr.Seuss is good. Art of the Rifle is good. Heck, even just about any Gardening book is good also. Anything that helps is a good thing.
Try to see if you can get the whole set of Dr. Seuss. It would be worth it for the little ones.

Peter said...

And if you don't like the Dr. Seuss books, you can use what you learn in "Art Of The Rifle" to shoot at them! I call that all sorts of win . . .


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