Friday, November 11, 2011

We shoot mad dogs, don't we?

The scumbag who robbed a pharmacy in New York and while doing so murdered four people, including two people that he ambushed after they came into the store in the middle of his crime, has been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.  His wife, who drove the car for the robbery and murder, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

This trash blamed his wife's 'need' to take massive amounts of prescription drugs, including hydrocodone, for this outrage.  He also maintains that he shot his first victim when the gun he used in the robbery went off accidentally, then apparently he just followed through.  By following through, I mean he went and found the other employee at the store, murdered her, then stalked and executed two other people who entered the store.

Hey, jerkoff, no gun goes off 'accidentally'.  I'm probably taking a very simplistic view of this, but if you don't hold up a pharmacy, you don't take a chance on 'accidentally' shooting the pharmacist.  If you didn't want to shoot anyone else, then you didn't have to.  Even assuming that the first murder was 'accidental', which I don't buy for a moment, you still, in cold blood, ended the lives of three non-threatening people who just happened to be in a place they had every right to be in at the same time that you were.

The gun didn't magically start shooting people all by itself.  Your wife didn't 'need' all of the drugs you stole.  You aimed the pistol and pulled the trigger of your own volition, and I will never be convinced that you didn't plan on doing it that way to begin with.  Your wife either chose to start taking that crap in the first place as a recreational activity, or she didn't do what was necessary to get off of it after using it for some truly therapeutic reason.  Either way, no-one but you two wastes of good protoplasm are to blame for the shattering of four families.  Not the gun, not the drugs, and not the doctors who prescribed them.

Personally, I hope they stick you both in the third sub-basement of some old, stone building, and you spend the rest of your very long lives listening to the roaches in the walls.  It's still better than you deserve, but Death by Duracell wasn't prescribed by the law in this case.  If there ever was a case that made me wish for public, gruesome executions, it's this one.


RauĆ°bjorn said...

I'd be happy with quick and clean public executions done on a timely fashion.

Phillip said...

Y'know, I've been on MASSIVE amounts of hydrocodone, flexeril, and other pain reliever cocktail prescriptions. Legitimate need, legitimate prescription due to falling off a 40 foot cliff. I would take it as prescribed for the most part, but more than once just went off of them so I didn't get 'hooked'... Actually, my docs tended to push me to take more than I did, and their explanation was that pain interfered with healing.

I can't remember a single time that I felt the need to go hold up a drug store because I 'needed' more hydrocodone. When I mentioned the fear of becoming addicted, one of my nurses said "If you're not taking it for fun, you're not going to get addicted."

This isn't a drug problem, it's a scumbag problem.

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