Friday, November 18, 2011

Thoughts on the Morning News

  • Is it just me, or is Hillary Clinton starting to look really tired?  I think her facelift is starting to let go.
  • We went over 15 billion dollars in government debt the other day.  At what point do we just say "metric crapton" and leave it at that?
  • What a surprise, someone got shot last night, and the picture they have for him is a mug shot.
  • Apparently a vampire movie opened at the theaters last night.  The TV showed crowds of people in line to see it at midnight.  Amazingly enough, there wasn't a male face in the crowd. 
  • Is it a stereotype if the only person they can get to talk about some tragedy involving a trailer has maybe three teeth?
  • If it's mid to late November, and it's getting cold, the weather lady should not be surprised that it's in the 20's outside.
  • Using only the commercials, one could come to the conclusion that the only local small businesses left are personal injury lawyers, mattress stores, and hormone replacement clinics.  

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