Monday, November 7, 2011

An Heirloom Comes Home

A Texas man is celebrating the return of a family heirloom that was stolen a decade ago.  The item in question is a nickel plated Colt single action .45, given to his grandfather in 1901.  So in addition to the value of such an antique, there's the sentimental value of getting your granddad's gun back.

Apparently someone stole it, and the ATF got a tip that someone was trying to sell it, arrested two goblins, and then returned the gun to the family after the trial was over.*

I'm glad to see a part of this families history returned to it, and I'm glad to see two of the thieves that took it from them going away.  For once, cheers to the ATF.

*I know, I'm shocked too.


Keads said...

Great story DB!

Bob S. said...

Of course the ATF arrested the thugs -- the thugs weren't on their payroll or Confidential Informant list

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