Monday, March 5, 2012

Historical Coincidence?

I noted during my lunchtime Internet reading that today is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre.  Since I'm interested in history, I read the linked article.

Something stood out:

Boston's chief customs officer, Charles Paxton, wrote to Hillsborough, asking for military support because "the Government is as much in the hands of the people as it was in the time of the Stamp Act." Commodore Samuel Hood responded by sending the fifty-gun warship HMS Romney, which arrived in Boston Harbor in May 1768.

Emphasis mine.

You don't suppose.....  Nah, couldn't be.  Even my tinfoil hat isn't that thick or shiny.


Ruth said...

Almost, but not quite, enough to make me want to do some geneology digging....

Mad Jack said...

No. Couldn't be.

Could it?

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