Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quote of the Day

I can not speak for anyone other than myself, but I am done.  I fucked up.  I should have fought.  I should have kicked and screamed and clawed and told him to get the hell off of me.  I should have made him GET THE HELL OFF of me, but I didn't and I am done feeling bad about it.  I have decided that I will never willing allow anyone to hurt me again.  That is just not going to happen.  My children are safe because I will fight back.   He may kill me and that's fine, but it will get real fricken ugly before he does. If by the grace of God I make it out of the fight alive, I will not feel guilty.  I will not feel sad.  I will not spend one more day letting the bad guy get anymore of my life.  Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.  Everyone has to walk their own journey and I will be here for however long that takes each you(those that have reached out to me or anyone else that needs a friend), but my prayer for you, if you were a victim of a bad guy, is that you will say ENOUGH, no more, I am DONE! I want you to say my life was worth it that day, whatever day that bad thing happened, and it is worth today.  Whatever we have to do.  Move, change jobs, find new friends, get help, cry, scream, forgive...Life without joy isn't worth living and dying isn't an option, so lets LIVE!  Lets find a way to live! For ourselves and to help other women heal. Lets give them good solid examples of women who said, screw you asshole, you are not getting one more second of my life. -- A Girl And Her Gun, "It Doesn't Matter"


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