Thursday, March 29, 2012


I grew up among veterans, from World War I to Vietnam.  My father and all of the fathers of my friends served in Vietnam.  All of them were normal guys who had gone and done their duty then returned to pick up their lives and drive on.  Some Vietnam veterans weren't so lucky, and those who needed help or reported problems were out in the cold for way too long.

Thanks to Castle Argghhh!!!, I see that President Obama has proclaimed today to be Vietnam Veteran's Day. 

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your service.  Please enjoy your day and remember that our country appreciates what you did for us all.

This memorial has the Three Soldiers staring off at The Wall
This is the only time I've seen this memorial without flowers to the nurses on it
One of the nurses gazes over at the statue of the Three Soldiers, who she is watching over.

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BobG said...

Lost a few high school friends to that mess; some over there and some who came back irreparably damaged and died later.

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