Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm raising a nerd

It's unseasonably warm here in IndiUcky, so we decided to have dinner in the back yard tonight as a picnic.  Boo enjoyed being able to play outside a little later than usual, and of course, he brought along the lightsaber Irish Woman bought him when she went on the road last month.

Here is the budding padwan, complete with his trusty sidearm:

Keeping the back yard safe for picnics and sand boxes
 And of course, no time with Boo would be complete without being told to hush so that he could talk.
Hush Dad.  I can't hear you over how awesome I am anyway.

He spent the evening trying to bat the lazy bumblebees that were buzzing around the blossoms on the cherry and peach trees with the lightsaber, but thankfully, he never connected.  He's currently tucked safely in bed with his sword, Hasenpfeffer the Rabbit, and a book.

Update - Upon closer examination of these pictures, it appears that we never wash the young man's face.  Fear not, for that is just the residue from a grape popsicle he enjoyed after dinner.


agirlandhergun said...


Keads said...


Heroditus Huxley said...

He's adorable. And at least "grape Popsicle" wasn't chocolate pudding. Talk about making it look like you never wash your kids' faces...

Julie said...

Cute :)

WS4E said...

Just wait and see if he develops signs of having "The Knack" before getting too worried.

Jay G said...

They're gonna call him "Stumpy" if'n he keeps gripping it by the blade... :)

Do I even need to tell you just how many of those things I have kicking around Casa del G.?

DaddyBear said...

Thanks guys.

Jay, we have 3. Two I bought for his older brother and sister a few years ago, one is his and his alone. Oh, and Irish Woman just bought me a light up one for the Wii, which he has appropriated. Between Nerf guns, lightsabers, and rubber hatchets, this kid has more weapons that I do.

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