Monday, March 26, 2012

Random thoughts

  • Here's an album you don't want to see flash across your playlist:  "DaddyBear Sings The Klingon Love Songs Of His Youth".
  • It was kind of depressing to realize that I've done something that sucks so often for so long that I now make it look easy and am expected to do it every time it needs doing.
  • Not sure what Disney is making their DVD's out of so that they can charge what would have been a week's grocery budget for me a few years ago, but whatever it is, I've been told by CinC House that I'm willing to pay for it.
  • When told he could get something from the gift shop at the zoo yesterday, Boo decided he wanted an orange miner's helmet with working light.  Not sure what that predicts for his future, but I know it means I need to lay on a new supply of AA batteries.
  • Bill Cosby, followed by Rob Zombie, Mozart, Lewis Black, and The Doors. Not sure what my iPod thinks it's doing, but it's really harshing my calm.
  • My ex-wife didn't seem to like it when I told our son that he may come from trash, but he is not trash.

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