Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Product Review - Michael's Custom Holsters Pancake Holster for 1911

Back in December, I bought myself a Remington R1 1911.  I wanted a good holster for it, so I saved up some money and ordered one from Michael's Custom Holsters.

I really liked the pancake holster he made for my CZ-82, so I asked him to make one for this 5 inch 1911.  It arrived last week, and I've been wearing it pretty much every moment I'm not at work since.

The holster is made from very stiff cowhide, and conforms very well both to the gun and my hip.  There are no stitches showing on the outside of the holster, but you can see the very tough stitchwork that holds it together on the back. The 15 degree forward cant that Michael put into it makes for a very comfortable draw, and aids in keeping the gun from either riding too low to easily conceal or too high to keep it out of my ribs.  That being said, it is still a 5 inch 1911, so what made a good cover garment for the CZ doesn't always work as well with this gun in this holster.  But the way that the holster conforms to my hip made it easy to find things already in my closet that worked very well.

The belt loops are very stiff, but my experience with my other holster of the same model tells me that they will wear in rather quickly.  I am wearing one of the gun belts that Michael sells, and it mates very well with the holster.  

The gun stays in the holster very well.  I tested it out by doing squat thrusts, deep bends, and just carrying it around while working in the yard with the gun unloaded.  It never moved from the holster, but I was still able to do very easy draws.  The holster also didn't move on the belt at all.  It releases the gun very smoothly and with only a little bit of effort to pull it out.  

As you can see from the pictures, it conceals this full-sized 1911 very well. 

Now you see me.....

Now you don't 
Again, I chose to get the holster without any pattern or color added to the leather, but Michael can do pretty much anything you ask when it comes to decoration.  I just prefer the way that leather looks as it ages naturally.

A custom leather holster is going to cost more than what you would pay for a mass produced model, but not that much more.  For the additional cost, you get the outstanding customer service, choices in materials and styles, and quality that Michael brings to the game.  I look at the $190 I paid for the holster as money well spent, as I expect to be able to use the holster regularly for several years for both open and discreet carry.

Disclaimer - I received nothing in exchange for doing this review.  I paid for all materials used.  


Keads said...

I'm waiting on my holster from Michael. Can't wait to try it out.

DaddyBear said...

He does good work.

You know, reading this leads me to believe that it's me who should have signed up for 9th grade English to day, and not my daughter. Sorry about the spelling and grammar issues.

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