Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thoughts On The Day

  • When the day starts by reading a 102 degree fever in your youngest, it's not a good sign.
  • I love our pediatrician.  Not only was she able to get us in early today, but her office staff is prepared for just about everything.  The power went out in the office about halfway through our appointment.  The staff calmly found their way around the office by the light of their cellphones, broke out flashlights and chem-lights, and distributed them to the young patients so they wouldn't be afraid of the sudden dark.
  • Holding a 50 pound four year old down so that samples for strep throat and influenza can be taken should be considered a martial art.
  • Good news - Boo was negative for strep
  • Bad news - Boo was positive for influenza
  • Worse news - I just took my own temperature, and it's just a hair shy of 100 degrees.
  • My doctor was gracious enough to call in prescriptions for Tamiflu for Irish Woman, Girlie Bear, and me. Hopefully this means I will be back to 100% in a few days.
  • Thank goodness for good insurance.  The retail price for a 5 day dose of children's Tamiflu is over $200.  Our cost was about $35.


Brigid said...

I hope you are all better soon.

I'm glad for my insurance, it's not "free" as many people think, it costs me about $4000 out of pocket a year for my share of the premium. But my knee surgery and anethesiologist was about $12,000 and my out of pocket was about$300. The physical theraphy cost me out of pocket about $1000, but it was out of network. In network would have been half that but it would have been an hour drive each way into the city twice a week. With crutches, a large, tall truck and winter weather, it was worth it to go a mile or so from my home.

Get well soon!

Julie said...

Hope you're all well soon ..

DaddyBear said...

Thanks guys. Nothing a couple days of tylenol and hot soup won't cure.

Ruth said...

Yah, Tamiflu's expensive. Right after it came out I got my first ever bought of the flu and my insurance refused to cover it. I almost didn't bother to get it but ended up doing so after all. It was totally worth it though...

Christina LMT said...

Get well soon! At least it's not a stomach bug...

Anonymous said...

I have never gotten a a doctor or pediatrician to prescribe TamiFlu. I ask. They tell me either it is too late or you will be better in a few days anyway. What secret sentence do you say to get the script for TamiFlu?

DaddyBear said...

Anon - "I am immuno-suppressed because of my arthritis treatments." I'm in that special category of patients that get fast and excessive treatment at the mere mention of infection. My doctor has a standing order with her staff that I am to be seen the same day if at all possible and that my prescriptions are to be sent to the pharmacy immediately.

Same thing goes for the other members of the household. If they get something, I will get it if it's not treated out of oblivion immediately.

I'm not quite bubble boy, but if Boo gets a fever, I get deathly ill. And advice to not comfort and take care of my kids falls on deaf ears. I'll use all the soap and hand sanitizer there is, but I'm not going to wear gloves and wear a mask to take care of a child unless it's absolutely necessary.

Auntie J said...

My then-four-year-old, who weighed in at 38 pounds or so at the time of her well-child check-up, was so violently against the idea of her 4-year immunizations that she pitched a fit so strongly that she bent the needle of one of the inoculation syringes. And that was with two LPNs and me involved, trying to keep her still.

Hope you're all well soon. And that I don't get what you have. I'm sick enough as it is. (And we all know that computers transmit viruses.)

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