Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thoughts On The Day

  • Someday, I will move somewhere where there is nothing but soft loamy soil down a few feet.  It seems everywhere I've ever had to dig a hole I run into clay, and it's getting quite tiresome to have to spend more time getting the dirt off the shovel than it did getting it on. 
  • Digging out a low hill side to set garden beds is a wonderful workout.  The five pounds of muddy clay on each of my shoes alone made for a great leg regimin.
  • The new garden boxes are constructed, placed, set, and staked into the ground.  Now to fill them with dirt.
  • BooBoo quote of the day:  "Daddy, you're a mess."  At the time, you couldn't tell that my pants were green, and my white tee shirt looked like it had been through a cement mixer at a terra cotta plant.  The boy seems to have a gift for understatement.
  • You know you've done a good days work when the shower water running off of you is orange for the first three or four minutes.
  • This year we really tried to plan our outside work in that sweet spot between freezing cold and boiling hot.  However, the weather isn't cooperating.  It was 80+ degrees out with humidity today.  In March.  I'm beginning to think I'm a weather jinx.
  • It's amazing how good a hot meal, a Guinness, and some aspirin can make you feel.


Julie said...

Do you guys use gysum to break up the clay? We tried it where we are but as we're on granite and/or bauxite it didn't do that much, but it is supposed to work great on breaking up clay!

Well done on the gardening ... I'm planning to redo my 'above ground' planter boxes later today.

KurtP said...

Think about renting a Mini-E next time

DaddyBear said...

Julie, if we ever do any major updating on the landscape, I'm going to look into doing that. After about 6 inches, it was all very wet clay.

KurtP - Irish Woman suggested it, actually. I, of course, told her we didn't need one. Pride goeth before the fall and all that.

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