Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blogs Roundup

  • Laura gives me a much needed giggle snort.
  • Coop gives evidence that he and his wife are a good pairing.
  • Christmas comes early over at Notes From the Bunker
  • The Firearms Blog shows some new pyrotechnic shotgun rounds that I simply must try.  Or maybe I'll just shoot a Mosin carbine.  
  • The Best Defense has a report of new hardware for the Navy.
  • Defense Tech posts about something that makes my non-flying self ask "Is that a bad thing?".
  • Castle Argghh! posts up a video of things that civilians say to veterans.  Yes, I've either been asked all these things, or been present when they're asked of someone else. As a side note, I've been asked "Did you ever kill someone?" in job interviews. Oh, and kids, I've heard the "military intelligence / oxymoron" joke enough for one lifetime, OK?


agirlandhergun said...

Every time my husband would come back from any kind of conflict, people would ask me if he ever killed anyone or how many people did he kill. I always said, "who asks that kind of question?" to which they would look at me blankly and we would move on. Of course, I did prefer that to "aren't you afraid he will have some kind of flash back and kill you ?"

ZerCool said...

I've had innumerable people ask me, "So what's the worst call you've taken?"

I just stare at them until they turn red and go away, or if they push the issue, I tell them, "You know, I talk to people on the WORST day of their life, and share in some of the WORST experiences you can imagine... and you're asking me to relive it for you?"

DaddyBear said...

One of my wife's cousins got upset when Irish Woman told he that she was getting involved with a guy who was not only a veteran, but also a gun owner. The cousin was worried that I might wig out and kill her and the kids. I married into a family that hasn't had a new veteran born into it since 1945.

Zercool - I mentioned to a co-worker that I was in Bosnia once, and he asked if I'd seen a lot of dead bodies. I answered with "Gee thanks for bringing those nightmares back. I'll come to you tomorrow when I haven't had any sleep.".

Drang said...

RE: MI/Oxymoron, I either say "We better hope not" or "Would be in some cases..." and stare at them until they the Cluemeter (heh) stops reading "zero."

Drang said...

BTW, it is my understanding that everyone in that video is a vet.

MrG's said...

Since I also hear the MI thingie, when people ask"what did you do while you were in the service?" To a nonvet I would say "ahhh..a bunch of things" and wouldn't elaborate. To a vet depending on if they are friends or not, I would say anything from "just patrolled the 1 K zone" to a good friend I would go into more detail. I normally don't mention the name "MI" if they ask for my MOS I just tell them it is the 98 CMF."

DaddyBear said...

Drang, that's my understanding too.

MrG's - With new people, I've just started saying "Electronic Warfare" or "Linguist". After that, unless they already know what that means, their eyes tend to glaze over.

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