Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's that time of the year

I can now officially call the productive part of the year in Kentucky over until about September.  My reasons for making this judgement call are:

  • NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - There shall be no productive work done here until either the tournament ends or all of the local teams are out.  My hope is that Kentucky and Louisville are out after the first couple of rounds.  If they make it to the last rounds, then nothing will get done around here for the next two weeks as people take time out to watch the games, watch news programs about the games, talk about the game they watched and the news coverage, and talk about the next game.  Remember, in Kentucky, there are three major religions:  Christianity, Judaism, and Basketball.  I find it best to not even get involved in the quasi-religious conflicts between Kentucky and Louisville fans.
  • Kentucky Derby Festival - The madness begins in mid-April with Thunder Over Louisville.  During the two weeks it takes for Louisville to run a two minute horse race, no-one will be working.  And I don't mean they will be in the office and goofing off.  I mean they won't consistently be in the office.  Entire work groups will leave someone behind and go have fun at the track, the parade, the food concessions, or some of the other events that revolve around the Derby.  Heck, they even call off school the day before the Derby so that locals can take their kids to see the Kentucky Oaks race.  
  • Vacations and Summer Holidays - From the beginning May to the end of August, productivity picks up a bit, but at any given time, approximately 25% of the workforce will be off on vacation, off to attend a conference, taking a nice afternoon office off to get in 9 holes, or just deciding it's too nice a day to work.  Now, I take advantage of this as much as the next guy, so I can't cast stones here.  I just don't understand the "I'm taking a couple of days off every two weeks until the end of the summer" attitude.

So for the next few months, I'm going to be frustrated trying to get an entire working group to work all at the same time for more than a couple days in a row.  Does anyone else have this happen to them in their area?

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Wilson said...

Been living here my whole life and that’s a reasonable assessment. Little known fact – approximately 7% of native born Kentuckians (myself included) have absolutely no interest in basketball. Scientists at both the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville are doing a joint study on the problem. They believe that this aberrant behavior could be attributed to a defect on the 22nd chromosome and are diligently working on a cure.

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