Monday, March 12, 2012

News Roundup

  • From the "Ouch" Department - A woman in California recently gave birth to a healthy 13 pound baby boy.  Before you ladies cross your legs, it was a Caesarian.  Reports are that the lad didn't fit in any of his baby clothes, so mom and dad get to go out and go shopping immediately.  All I can say is "I feel your pain".  Boo wasn't that big at birth, but he passed up 13 pounds early and fast.  Is it just me, or are there a lot of reports of abnormally large newborns lately?
  • From the "Cute and Cuddly" Department - An aging gorilla at the zoo in Erie, Pennsylvania, has latched onto the pet rabbit her keepers gave her to keep her company.  The gorilla is sharing space, food, and attention with the rabbit, which is a good sign.  I was surprised to learn that no-one named George or Lennie was involved in this story.
  • From the "Thieves in the Night" Department - A group of men claiming to be police robbed a home in Arizona on Sunday.  They disabled the porch lighting of the home, banged on the door, shouted "Police!", and robbed the couple who lived there when they opened the door.  And people wonder why no-knock raids are such a bad idea.  If the criminals are forcing their way in shouting "Police!", how are we supposed to know it's legitimate when the police themselves do it?  Wait to see if they shoot the dog?
  • From the "Knock in the Night" Department - The police chief of Berkeley, California, just kicked things up a notch in the  "Constitution?  Never hoid of it!" debate.  He took umbrage at what someone wrote in the local fishwrap, so he called up a police sergeant and had him go over to the reporter's home for a little chat.  Nothing intimidating about that, is there?  I mean, it's not like he sent an armed government authority figure with the perceived power to kill someone in the name of officer safety to discuss the contents of a published newspaper article or anything.  Of course, once the sun came up and his actions were brought to light, he played the "Who me?  Oh gosh, I guess that was insensitive" card.  I guess Mr. Meehan needs to read up on his local history a bit.

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