Friday, March 9, 2012

Figured It Out

Recently, President Obama moved the upcoming G8 meeting from its original location of Chicago to Camp David, the presidential retreat in rural Maryland.  No reason for the move has been given by the White House.

But I think I know why:

President Obama wants to get the conference away from the inevitable protests and security nightmare so that he and the rest of the G8 leaders can have peace and quiet to rehearse "Nearer My God To Thee", which will be recorded at the end of the conference.  Copies of the performance and the corresponding music video will be sold on the White House website to raise money for G8 countries in bad economic situations, meaning all of them.


eiaftinfo said...

Could be, could be. I wonder if Michelle plays the piano?? :)

My take is that they want to be out of range of the press. They want the meeting to be "private". Regardless of who is in power, there are some terribly painful decisions coming - and they all revolve around the financial health of the G8. There is simply no large US city that could maintain any level of security - some newsy would get to a world leader, beans would be spilled - wouldn't be pretty.

But, at Camp David, such security should be easily accomplished.

OK, OK - foil hat going back on, jammers at full power, firewalls to max . . . .

Old NFO said...

Or is it so he can maintain 'control' of what gets said???

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