Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simple Answer

France is struggling with what to do with the remains of the coward who murdered three children, their teacher, and three soldiers over the past few weeks.  This piece of filth was lucky enough to catch a piece of copper jacketed lead with his cranium during a standoff with police, so there won't be any trial where he gets to rant about how the cause of jihad is advanced by shooting young girls in the head while they're being held up for the camera.   Algeria, where this "person's" family comes from, has declined to take the body off of France's hands, so now the French government must find a way to dispose of it.

My answer to their conundrum is pretty simple:  Don't.

This murdering bastard doesn't deserve a proper burial.  Toulouse is a medieval city, so I suggest a medieval solution:

I'm sure that if you go to the main gate of the old city walls of Toulouse, you will find either hooks or places to put hooks in the wall.  From those hooks a cage can be hung with the earthly remains of this waste of good protein in it.  Then you walk away.  Let the world press take all the pictures they want, and let the crows have a feast.  It'll be messy for a few days, but after that, all you'll have is a cage full of bones for a few years that will act as a reminder that child murderers aren't handled with any kindness in Toulouse.  Place a guard of paratroopers from the local regiment to make sure no-one tries to retrieve the bodies before the birds have had their fill.  Something tells me you won't have much trouble getting volunteers.

French authorities are also holding this bastards ill-begotten brother.  My suggestion as to what to do with him if he's convicted is eerily similar, except we don't have to wait for the putz to get a 9mm aneurysm.

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but after reading what this guy did, my humanity meter is reading a little low in reference to him and his ilk.

Update - The BBC is reporting that he's been buried in Toulouse.  Here's hoping they used good French porcelain for the urinal.

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BobG said...

Cremate him and throw the ashes in a dumpster.

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