Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Play Stupid Games

Win Stupid Prizes

I'm not a basketball fan, at least not on TV.  Basketball is lumped in with baseball for me in that I love to go to games, but find it exceedingly boring to watch on TV.

So I missed this the other day:

When freshman point guard Angel Rodriguez stepped to the free throw line in the first half, some members of the band began to chant, "Where's your green card?" Rodriguez is a Puerto Rico native. 
Since they acted like trolls and embarrassed their university, I'm not surprised to learn that several of these cretins have lost their band scholarships and have been forced to sit in the "you said a bad thing" class.

For once, I'm not going to shriek about political correctness run amok.  These aren't students who are being penalized for expressing views that are looked down upon by their faculty.  These schmucks decided to act like, well, schmucks on national TV while representing their school and being paid to do it.  So having their inability to control themselves and act right in public should come back to bite them on the tuckus. To me, they were being paid to sit in the stands, play some annoying songs, and show the colors for the school.  Instead they acted like trash and now they're being reminded that trash doesn't get to sit in the stands and toot a horn for pay.

I hope they enjoy washing dishes to make up the difference in their educational/beer budgets.  Maybe they'll learn a little humility and how to act.


Mad Jack said...

The punishment is appropriate, but it likely doesn't go far enough. I used to be in the marching band, and unless things have changed drastically these little dullards did not think this one up all by themselves; they had help as well as inspiration and it might easily have come from the Director. My hope is that this will provide an example to the rest of the band and they'll change their conduct accordingly.

All that said, marching bands tend to be abusive organizations. Directors scream bloody abuse at the students to try and get them to perform better; students harass each other and the entire environment turns toxic. I know of more than one student who has informed the Director to shove their scholarship where the sun don't shine because the scholarship included mandatory participation in the marching band. I believe the thought is if I wanted to march I'd join the Marines.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Geez, what marching bands did YOU participate in? Certainly not any I've been in. The only part I'd agree with even a little bit would be with the "students harassing each other" part...and it's less of outright harassment and more of just background hostility from people in my section, which is something I've had to deal with all my life anyway.

45er said...

I'm with you, DaddyBear. There's PC run amok, then there is being an idiot and jerk. These morons fell firmly in the latter categories.

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