Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Word of Warning

Putting a jar of pre-peeled garlic cloves into the food dryer and attempting to dry them overnight will cause your entire house to be vampire proof.

It will also get you up out of a warm bed at 2 AM to move said food dryer out to the porch.  Now the neighborhood is safe from the undead fiends.

That is all.


Julie said...


DaddyBear said...

The dryer I use has a low power blower and warmer built in. As the water in the food evaporates, a wonderful essence of the dried food comes streaming out of the side of the dryer. It smells great when you're drying fruit, but not so much with garlic. The smell was strong when I went to bed, but only in the basement where the dryer is.

By 2 AM, it was bad enough to bring tears to your eyes. Eventually, we woke up and the house STUNK of garlic and I was 'encouraged' rather vociferously. to get it out of the house.

You can still smell garlic throughout the house, but it's not at riot gas levels anymore. Outside in my yard, it's nice and garlicy.

Vampires and the other undead are repelled by the stinky rose, so we should be safe at least for a while.

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