Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bullet Train to Heck

OK, I have to ask these people to check on my condo on the lake of fire once they get to Hades.

First, the mayor of Baltimore has been convicted of stealing gift cards that were donated for poor people.

Let me say that again.  The mayor, an elected official who is entrusted to run the city and enforce the laws, has been convicted of obsconding with materials that were donated so that poor people could live a better life.

And Baltimore re-elected her why?  Hey, she can always run for office when she's among the souls that have to spend eternity cleaning the fur out of ManBearPig's fur.

Second, the home of a family that is dealing with the loss of four family members over the weekend was broken into and robbed.  The robbers didn't even have the decency to not trash the place.

I hope for their sake the burglars didn't know the families circumstances and just picked a house out at random.  If, however, they picked out the house on purpose assuming that no-one would be home because everyone would be at THE FUNERAL HOME, then they'll probably be too busy cleaning out the urinals at Dante's Sports Bar and Grill to housesit for me.

Just when I question my own worth and goodness, someone comes along and convinces me that I'm a little higher on the evolutionary ladder than slime mold.  Thanks Guys!

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