Thursday, December 17, 2009

Graveyard Shift Continues

Day 3 - Halfway there.

I'm not feeling too bad.  I got a good sleep this morning and afternoon. 

Last night was rough. I was tired all evening, and nothing was going on, so it was hard to stay awake.

I read Day by Day Armageddon the other night to stay awake.  Pretty good yarn.  I'll probably get the sequel when it comes out next July.  I seem to be on an end-of-the-world kick lately.  I may re-read Monster Hunter International this week.  Something that will keep me awake.

Irish Woman has been very understanding about my need to get sleep during the day, and hasn't asked me to do much more than start on dinner after I get up in the afternoon.  I may get ambitious today and take Girlie Bear out to do some Christmas shopping today. She wants to get coffee mugs for all of her teachers, and we may make baskets out of them with cocoa and hot cider mix.

Our holiday schedule is firming up.  We have shindigs planned from Christmas Eve until late on the 27th.  Girlie Bear and possibly Little Bear will be coming back from their mother's house Christmas morning, so it'll be a full weekend.

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