Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Just finishing up watching "Star Trek The Motion Picture".  It's the first Star Trek movie, not "Star Trek 90210" from earlier this year. 

It's a good movie, but it's painful to watch sometimes.  The acting is really bad at points, and those uniforms are hideous.  You can tell they were searching for a way to take a hokey TV show and make it into a movie setting.

Junior Bear had never seen it, so I got it off of Netflix.  I have the rest of the Star Trek movies in my queue, followed by all 6 of the Star Wars movies.  Yeah, I'm going to be watching some really good movies, and a few horrible ones. 

It'll be good to have some movies for the next few weeks that are fluff.  I'll be too busy to sit down and concentrate on things like plot and deep characters.

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