Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Boy Bed, Big Boy Name

Over the weekend, we were awakened by the sound of Baby Bear dropping from the side of his crib to the floor.  He had been able to get one leg up on the rail of his crib and pull himself over.  Good news is that he landed on his butt and not his head.  Bad news is he thought this was a neat thing and proceeded to do it every time we put him to bed.

Sunday, we dismantled the crib and put in a twin set for him.  The crib doesn't convert to a toddler bed, so he went straight to a twin.  We got a set of snap-together railings for him and he thinks it's just the most neat thing he's ever seen.  No trouble getting him to go to bed.

We also put up a swinging gate on his bedroom door so we could still leave his door open and monitor his activities, but he can't roam the house while the rest of the family sleeps.

Since he's not in a crib, talks a bit now, and has been walking for over 6 months, I think it's time I stopped calling him Baby Bear.

From now on, his name is BooBoo.  Kind of fits, don't you think?

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