Monday, December 28, 2009

Abducted child back home

This may be old news, but I've been mulling how to approach this story after my rant about it last week.

David and Sean Goldman have been reunited after 5 years, numerous court cases, and some international wrangling by two administrations. 

The Brazilian courts finally wound their way to the correct decision, and Mr. Goldman got the heck out of Brazil as soon as he had his son.  I'm sure it's going to be rocky for them at first, and there will be years of counseling and healing for them before all is said and done. I hope for their sake that the press backs off and lets them grow together as a family.  I wish them luck, and I give thanks that this situation is well on its way to being resolved for them.

I have always dreaded custody disputes.  My mother and father used my brothers and sisters and I as pawns, and I've shied away from court fights to protect my kids from that.  I only went to court over Girlie Bear when her mom couldn't properly take care of her.  I would have fought for Little Bear just as hard if the courts would have let me.  I've always looked for some way to come to a deal with their mom just to spare the kids a fight.

I guess my frustration over the Goldman case was me projecting my own fears on that situation. Like I said in my last post about this, having my kids in a place where I couldn't see them and had to fight for them in an unbalanced game would be my worst nightmare. 

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