Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on the Day

  • Today, I had a computer remind me that even though it's designed with mathematics and logic in mind, it is on occasion completely irrational and illogical.  It was almost as bad as working with people.
  • Boo got measured today.  He was in the 95+ percentile in every possible way.   Obviously Irish Woman's plot to breed height back into her gene pool is succeeding.
  • Hell knows no wrath like a four year old who has to have two tubes of blood drawn, especially when it takes two attempts at the finger stick.
  • I had to make him strong, didn't I?  It took me, Irish Woman, and two nurses to hold Boo down so that he could get five immunizations after the blood draw.
  • Ice cream has psychic healing properties.  Several minutes after getting a strawberry shake, all sins were forgiven.
  • Apparently I overstated how spicy I wanted my fried rice when I ordered it.  My innards feel like I swallowed butane.  Hopefully I don't have vindaloo dreams.
  • Siamese cats have no respect for personal space when chicken is involved.


Christina LMT said...

Hey, vindaloo dreams are still better than Nyquil dreams. TRUST ME. And dealing with children at the doctor's office is a nightmare that requires no special food to create, though as you've discovered, only ice cream to dispel...

BTW, do you remember how tall Boo was when he was two? Double the inches and you should get his height when he's fully grown. Or so I've been told.

Mad Jack said...

Ah, pinning down an athletic, uncooperative four year old and holding him still enough to draw blood. What fun!

The best part about children is that they can be bribed, and as you pointed out all is forgiven in a very few minutes. If only adults could remember that.

You'll get no sympathy from me for your over-indulgences. I'm going to get some India for lunch today, and I love vindaloo. You sir can go and guzzle a bottle of pink slop and meditate on just what it was you did to get yourself into that situation.

Here's how!

Auntie J said...

Most cats have no respect for personal space, period, when there's something they want involved...especially chicken.

Phillip said...

My six year old, when getting the large series of shots around four or five, only wanted to see the blood come out. We had talked about the shots, and that they were going to hurt a little, and they were going to bleed, and he requested to see the blood, because he thought it was interesting. He has a program on his login on my laptop that is a virtual interactive human body that he can turn on and off things like the cardiovascular system, the muscular system, the reproductive system, and so forth. It's one of his favorite programs.

I'm raising a weird kid, but he's okay with it and so am I. And I don't have any doubts about his intelligence. :-)

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