Saturday, April 21, 2012

Solato Wildlife Center Trip

Irish Woman and Girlie Bear are off to the opening rites of the Annual Kentucky Period of Madness, so it's just Boo and I today.

Rather than either hang around the house all day or go to the zoo, I took him away from Louisville and went to the Solato Wildlife Center. This is an educational center run by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, and it's almost tailor made for kids.  There is an indoor area with displays of small animals, fish, turtles, and static displays about wildlife conservation and an outdoor walk that has examples of Kentucky wildlife, such as a very well-fed black bear, a bald eagle, elk, buffalo, turkey, and deer.

As we got there, we noticed a lot of people in medieval garb, and lo and behold, someone was having a wedding with most of the wedding party dressed in renn-faire garb.  Boo was very excited to see "Robin Hood!".  Luckily, we were able to get through the wildlife walk without disturbing the wedding.

One note on taking a 4 year old to a wildlife center - Don't be disappointed when he's more interested in the prolific squirrels and chipmunks than he is in the large mammals and birds.

Lucky Ducks got to sleep in

Boo and the elk.


Elk. Next time, I need a longer lens

Buffalo and baby buffalo

Hey baby, gobble, gobble

The smart gobbler stays up in the tree where it's safe

Taken from 10 feet away through a fence.  <br>I guess they're used to people

Also taken from 10 feet away. <br>These birds are so beautiful

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Ruth said...

I love seeing wildlife up close like that. And yes, that is a typical 4yr old response!

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