Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blogs Roundup

  • JayG and Ambulance Driver have excellent roundups of the NRA Annual Meeting.
  • Frank James shares his view of the speech that Mitt Romney gave in St. Louis.
  • NavyOne has an excellent conversation with a retired Marine Sergeant Major who's seen a whole herd of elephants.
  • Cracked has an excellent commentary on some of the Hollywood gun myths, and even throws in a shout out to Rule 5.
  • LabRat has yet more of the advice that I need to be giving to my kids.  I'm starting to think I ought to print off a bunch of her stuff just so I have to give to my children as they grow up.
  • Peter has started an excellent series of posts on racism and xenophobia.  Definitely suggested reading.
  • Weerd has some thought provoking comments on how some firearms might be being superseded in their traditional roles.  I tend to agree that intermediate caliber rifles are just as useful as shotguns in self-defense, but most shotguns are just downright idiot proof enough for even me to use properly.

And that's what I've found while reading through about 1/4 of the posts that were waiting for me in my reader after I got home.  More to come later, same bat time, same bat station.

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