Monday, April 30, 2012

News Roundup

  • From the "Hubris" Department - A rich man from Australia is contracting with a shipyard to re-create the Titanic.  He plans to follow the plans for the original ship but utilize more modern technology.  Here's hoping he tweaks the hull plating and lifeboats.  Anyone want to bet the Titanic II only sails in the tropics?
  • From the "WTF?" Department - Two Pennsylvania teenage girls are in the hospital after they were struck by a car.  What makes this noteworthy is that the girls maintain that they fell asleep while sunbathing on the road before they got run over.  Not sure how much of that I believe, but stranger things have happened.  Here's hoping they recover fully and learn to sunbathe somewhere with a little less traffic.  People of Pennsylvania, please resist those who will have a knee jerk reaction to pass a new law making sunbathing on a public thoroughfare a crime.
  • From the "Government Solutions In Action" Department - Efforts by the federal government to kill unwanted species have killed more than 50,000 non-targeted animals, including animals on the endangered species list.  There are also allegations of cover-ups to keep the public from knowing the extent of the problem.  Think about that:  If we as private citizens try to root out a pest, say feral hogs or coyotes, and instead we kill a rare animal or someones dog, we're going to jail.  I wonder how many members of the government will even get a stern look over this?
  • From the "I need Oreos stat!" Department - A truck driver in Texas is recovering from injuries sustained in an accident with his milk truck.  Several thousand gallons of milk were spilled on the roadway, causing a need for a detour so that motorists did not skid out of control or hit one of what must have been hundreds of cats who showed up for free milk.  I wonder if the driver will be charged with a mooooving violation?

1 comment:

Auntie J said...'s for the chiiiiiiilllllldrennnn!

Yeah, you have to wonder who ever thought common sense was all that common.

I'm personally betting that the truth is slightly more embarrassing and/or illegal. Or grounding-worthy.

It hasn't been warm enough in my area of Pennsylvania (less than 30 miles from the PA/MD border, so we be in the south part of the state, rednecks included at no extra charge) for anybody to be doing any sunbathing, so I have to wonder how many brain cells had been previously fried, and upon what.

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