Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Overheard in the Living Room

Boo, handing me a ball from his pneumatic tennis ball launcher:  Dad, here!
Me, taking it from him:  Why is the ball wet?
Boo:  It fell!
Me:  Where did it fall?
Boo: It fell in the potty!
Me:  OK, off to wash hands!
Boo:  I want my ball!

Ah, the joys of parenthood.


MaddMedic said...

One a bit nastier...
At MOA(Mall of America or Hugedale or Mall of Afri....nevermind) one day long ago, when it was still somewhat of a novelty for me, did not last long especially after I started having to run EMS type calls with ambulance service I was working for there.
Was there with eldest son whom was maybe... 3 or there abouts..
In the rest room and I turned around from washing my hands and he was holding the pink "puck, Daddy?" deodorant bar, from men's urinal...
Oh dear...did his hands get scrubbed and when we got out to his Mom who was wondering what was taking so long, she heard the story and into the Ladies rest room they went, for more hand scrubbing...
Heh...little buggers hands just sparkled...

Broken Andy said...


Last week I fell for my 3 year old boy's "smell this" ploy. When we couldn't determine when he had stuck his hands down his crack, every toy in the play room got scrubbed down.

Old NFO said...

Oh lovely... :-) And it ONLY gets 'better'!!!

Mad Jack said...

Now, see, I wouldn't have thought to ask about the ball being wet, and I certainly wouldn't have thought to ask where the ball fell.

My question to MaddMedic: What was the reaction from the other men in the Men's room? Besides laughing like hell... which is what I did when I read your vignette!

DaddyBear said...

NFO - don't I know it. Remember, this isn't my first time on this particular turnip truck.

Broken Andy - Most small non-electronic toys are bathtub and dishwasher safe.

MaddMedic - At least he didn't think it was candy. Don't ask.

Mad Jack - I asked because he's a boy and you never know when he's decided to try peeing standing up.

Auntie J said...

Reminds me of Small Fry (who's five) 'fessing up to why the sugar in the sugar bowl got all clumped up. She didn't put water in it like I thought.

She spit in it.


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