Monday, September 19, 2011

When seconds count

There's a cliche in the gun rights/personal security community:  "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away". 

For a group of people in Minneapolis, it could have read "the police are only a few feet away". 

A group of friends leave a club, are accosted by a group of 'youths', and a fight starts when the men in the group stand up to protect the ladies.  One of the ladies runs to a police station that is 30 feet away for help, and is rebuffed.  One of the men who got his head beaten upon goes to the same station, and is chased out by the police.  Read that again.  A citizen, bleeding from a beating he received within spitting distance of a police station, goes there to ask for assistance, and is forcefully ejected from the building. 

The excuse from the Minneapolis police seems to be "We were busy that night".  I've been in downtown Minneapolis. The police are always busy there.  I guess this means that there's always something better for the police to do than to stop the savage beating of law-abiding citizens at the hands of a pack of 'youths' within eyesight of the police station.

People, if you're looking for an example of why you should carry a gun when confronted by an anti, here you go.  Three men got jumped on by 10 'youths' and got bloodied.  If one of them or one of the ladies with them had been carrying a pistol that night, the situation would have ended quite differently.  If the animals that attacked them had been just a little more adamant about delivering a curb stomping, someone could have easily gone to the morgue. 

Be responsible for yourself.  Carry your gun. Carry a knife.  Use your tools, your hands, your feet, your teeth, a loose piece of paving, anything to defend yourself.   Make it hard for EMS to tell where your blood starts and your assailant's blood ends. 

The police are under no obligation to protect you.  They are there to draw white lines around your body, take a report, and 'try' to bring criminals to justice.  Even if you could carry around a cop, nothing is going to get him to stop an attack on you and yours unless it's a personal priority for him.  No-one in his chain of command will fault him for not intervening to keep you out of the hospital or the morgue.

H/T to Radley Balko on this one.


Newbius said...

Warren v. District of Columbia and South v. Maryland.

The first affirms that the police have no duty to protect. The second affirms that they are immune from prosecution and liability for failing to act in accordance to their duties.

DaddyBear said...

Thanks Newbius. I couldn't remember the exact cases.

Old NFO said...

Yep... pretty F'ing sad... CARRY EVERY DAY!

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose the police response would have been any different if he'd stumbled in there, bloody and beaten, and said "I just shot a person who was attacking me"?


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