Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thought for the Day

Now that Boo is talking in complete sentences, it's time to teach him some important phrases for life:
  • Nochmal ein Bier, bitte!
  • Uno mas cervesa, por favor!
  • Shall not be infringed!
  • From my cold dead hands! (Already working on this one in relation to his toy cars)
  • Molon Labe!
  • Brown Chicken, Brown Cow!
  • Oh yeah?  Well, so's your mother!
  • Take a bath, hippie!
  • Get off my lawn!
  • Kill a Commie for Mommy!
  • I feel the need, the need for speed!
  • Front Toward Enemy
  • There can be only one!
  • Can't stop the signal
  • Two is one, and one is none
 Yep, that's me:  Always a good influence on impressionable youth!


PISSED said...

:D start'em young.

MrG's said...

I gotta teeach my son some of those...but he already has an attitude, it might go well for him;)

Julie said...

Tip 1: Do not let your better half read this list ....

DaddyBear said...

Oh, I've already had the "don't teach him that" speech many times.

Lokidude said...

Don't forget "Die yuppie scum" and "Hippie, get a job!"

DirtCrashr said...

+1 on "Die Yuppie Scum!"
Also need to include some *obscure* foreign language swear words. Speaking of which, what the hell happened to Swearasaurus?

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Don't forget to teach him the value of holding a straight face. Really helps in a high-intensity interview when explaining/defending your scenario's scheduling assignments and expected process flow, especially as the words "Two is one, and one is none" come out of your mouth...

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