Friday, September 30, 2011

Thoughts on the Day

  • Why are conferences and conventions always held in city centers where the traffic is always a nightmare and parking is always at least 6 blocks away from the event?
  • Security conference demographics: 1/3 juvenile delinquents, 1/3 suits scared out of their minds, and 1/3 scarred up old shaman.
  • Someone needs to tell Steve Jobs that Kevin Mitnick raided his wardrobe and is stretching everything out.
  • On the other hand, Mitnick's presentation showed just how easy it is to own the keys to the kingdom by snowballing a lot of little mistakes.
  • By the end of the day, I was making a shopping list for the ordnance it would take to slag all of our IT assets as a last resort when someone gets inside the wire.
  • Taking out of town visitors to Cunningham's for one of their cheeseburgers or Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches requires an explanation that you only eat like that once or twice a year, and it goes a long way towards explaining why Louisville has great stroke and cardio-pulmonary disease centers.
  • Hint to vendors at a conference:  When someone stands in front of your booth, wearing an ID badge and polo shirt with the emblem of one of your local customers, it behooves you to at least acknowledge their presence.  It's almost budget time, and your competitors across the way at least talked to me about what their product could do for me.
  • Basically the speeches and presentations today came down to this:  minimize everything so you have less to worry about, prioritize your stuff, and pay attention to details.  Sounds familiar.
  • With the wife and daughter out of the house for the evening, it's really nice to throw a Dad movie in, make a simple dinner, and relax with Boo after a long week.  


Spikessib said...

Going to be through there next week. If the timing is right, I'll look for Cunningham's. Thanks for the tip.

wv = dinesact = Guess I'd better behave myself there.

Borepatch said...

Someone needs to tell Steve Jobs that Kevin Mitnick raided his wardrobe and is stretching everything out.


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