Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear United Nations

Butt out, please.

The UN recently advised Australia that it should stop deporting criminal immigrants back to their home countries because doing so "violates their human and political rights".  Apparently sending a Swede back to Sweden after he is convicted of several offenses, including rape, is a violation of a human right.  

Let me be the first to say that the United Nations Human Rights Committee can bite my hairy backside.  

Deciding who gets to come into a country and who gets to stay after being invited in is a basic function of a government.  There is no such thing as a 'citizen of the world'.  This jerkoff, and many like him, was a guest of the Australian people, and abused that hospitality.  The government was perfectly within the scope of its power to tell them to get out of the country and not return.  

This isn't racism or discrimination in any form.  This is a nation deciding that someone who isn't a citizen doesn't get to commit crimes and still be welcome.  

The U.N. needs to find something more productive to do with its time, like going back to being a debate club for despots and dictators, or maybe sending 'peace keepers' into war zones to observe the carnage and violate human rights all on their own.  How a nation deals with criminal immigrants is none of the U.N.'s business.


MrG's said...

I am of the belief since the 1960's the UN ain't the friend of the west. I also believe that we need to pull out of the UN and form our own organization like a super nato and the admissions is only for the Western based societies. Get out of the UN period and tell them to go to Haiti and set up there.

Jus a thought

DaddyBear said...

When it comes to diplomacy and prevention of conflict, the U.N. has been less than useless. The conduct of their 'peacekeepers' time and time again has been attrocious.

But the U.N. does do good work to coordinate relief efforts for humanitarian crises such as famines and such has been good. Could someone else do the work? Probably.

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