Friday, September 30, 2011

I Don't Know Nothin'

A man in New York has pled guilty to trying to hire someone to kill his ex.  Apparently hiring a friend to do it and make it look like an accident was Plan B.  Plan A was to kill a bear, wear the skin, and use the claws to tear her up.  That way a bear would be blamed for her death, and the man could live out free and happy.


Just how drunk or high do you have to be to think that it's easier to kill and skin a bear so that you have an alibi for the death of your ex-wife than to just pay someone to do it?  I'm not admitting anything here, but there have been times when I at least had the thought.  It never occurred to me to kill and skin an apex predator and use their body to off someone.

I'm glad that he changed his mind, tried to get a friend to kill his ex, and the friend went to the police.  Not only is a scumbag is in jail and the woman wasn't hurt, but an innocent bear isn't dead and the rest of the bears aren't under suspicion.  You all have no idea how much hassle we get every time some bruin is suspected of mauling someone.


Spikessib said...

Oh the other hand, it's doubtful someone of that level of intelligence would have won against a bear and we'd all have been saved the costs of incarceration and trial. And the bear would have had a great meal.

DaddyBear said...

BRM had a good quote once: Lion's gotta eat too. I think that would have applied here.

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