Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An additional rule

A while back, I posted "10 Simple Rules for Using My Systems", which discussed the things I ask that the people I work with keep in mind when doing business with me.  Basically, I'm as human as they are, I know more about their systems than they ever will, and I've done this long enough that I can look at a bad idea and back up that label with facts and history.

I'm going to add another rule today:

11.  Do not tell me how to suck eggs, and please do not tell me which egg to suck.  Unless I have never done what you ask of me before, all I require is for you to tell me that there are eggs that need to be sucked.  I will look at the eggs, come up with a plan, discuss that plan with you so that you understand what I am going to do, tell you what it's going to take in terms of time, people, money, and equipment, then schedule and execute the work.  Also, I ask that you bear in mind the fact that your eggs are not the only eggs in my carton, so I will have to work with my management to prioritize your eggs in the queue.  Criticizing my tactics, techniques, and timing will get you nowhere.

Yeah, it's been one of those days.

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