Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Excedrin Headache #238,201

Ladies and Gentlemen, when reaching into the trunk of your significant other's automobile to retrieve something, make sure someone else is not trying to close said trunk.

Girlie Bear caught me about a quarter of an inch into my hairline from the forehead with the corner of the trunk lid.  And I thought I had a headache before they came home.

It didn't break the skin, so I won't even get a cool scar out of it.  Just a bit of a lump and a bit of pride for not cussing a blue streak afterwards.

Thank God for thick skulls.


Salamander said...

Ouch, and a "Hope You're OK" back at ya.

PISSED said...

Thank God for thick skulls.

I've said that more than once...

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