Friday, September 30, 2011

The Four Rules of IT Security

  1. All systems are always vulnerable.
  2. Never put important information on a system you are not willing to secure and defend.
  3. Keep your users away from powers and abilities that will make your systems less secure.
  4. Be aware of where your information is, how it moves, and who has access to it.


Old NFO said...

Yep, and if you were treated down it Texas under Tri-care, your info is out there... SAIC had a massive amount of patient info get hacked.

Borepatch said...


Rule #5: Boot it, and they will come.

DaddyBear said...

Yeah, I read about that NFO. Hopefully they were smart enough to encrypt their backup tapes.

And who uses tapes anymore? Lord, might as well be using stone tablets. Use a secure network to replicate your backups to a remote site. Quit hiring Barney to ferry media across town.

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