Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have it your way

Palestinian 'leader' Mahmoud Abbas is moving closer to asking the United Nations to recognize the territory his faction controls as a member, which would legitimize the Palestinian areas as a sovereign country.  My guess is that any resolution that creates a country of "Palestine" will call on Israel to give up territory in order to give the new country a contiguous hunk of dirt to squat on.

Personally, I hope that he doesn't get what he wants.  The Palestinians and those who fight in their name have been nothing but brigands for the past 40 years.  I am under no illusions that a new government would degenerate into a Hamas stronghold very quickly.

But for the moment, let's say that Obama backs down on his implied threat to veto any Security Council motion to grant statehood to something called Palestine.  Let's assume that he does it as a lame duck president with nothing to lose.

As your vice-president, I would urge the President to  issue a statement re-affirming our nations long standing commitment to Israel.  Israel is a democracy in a sea of demagogues and dictators.  When asked where I stand with Israel, I will say that I stand at their border, with a regiment of Marines behind me.

We would also make it clear to the Palestinians that if they want to sit at the grown-up table, they need to act like grown-ups.  Rockets or artillery launched at Israel would be considered an act of war, and we will support Israel when they decide to stomp a mudhole in a Palestinian backside over it.  The same would go for suicide bombers.   A real country takes responsibility for the criminal acts of its citizens against other countries.  We would also support Israel if she decides to seal her border with Palestine to protect her citizens.

We would also resist any calls to force Israel to give up territory for the new Palestine.  If Palestine wants land, let them either buy or conquer it.  Israel should not give one inch under pressure.

We would cut off all funding to the Palestinians immediately.  If the Arab street wants a Palestinian homeland, let them pay for it.  We would also hold Palestine responsible for the actions of groups that it supports or funds.  If you provide support to terrorist groups that try to kill Americans, don't be surprised if you wake up dead from an airstrike one morning.

In short, if the Palestinians want to declare statehood, they should do so without our aid and knowing that we favor the democracy of Israel over the despotism of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.  Let them sink or swim, and let them deal with the consequences of continuing to commit terrorism against Israel.

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Old NFO said...

Israel is liable to 'fix' that little problem on their own... WITHOUT any help!

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