Monday, June 20, 2011

Throw the book at him III

You know, I'm getting tired of writing these:

A police report said when the youths refused to leave Dunikowski's stoop he took a 5.56 mm Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle to a second-floor window and started shooting.
Say it with me now:  A gun is not a negotiating tool.  A gun is not there for you to vent frustration at someone else with.  A gun is not to be used to intimidate someone who is not threatening a life or property.  
If someone is on your property but not threatening you, tell them to leave.  If they don't, then either call their parents or call the police.  Don't bust a few caps to "scare them off" or "teach them a lesson".

If we don't police ourselves, we invite others to police us.

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