Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do Some Good

On the right side the page there's a link to Fisher House.  For those of you who aren't aware of this group, its basic mission is to provide a place for wounded servicemembers and their families to stay while they are in military and VA hospitals without bankrupting themselves.  This allows our wounded warriors to have family support while they're recuperating from injuries they've sustained on our behalf.  It's been one of my preferred charities since Little Bear's mom and I stayed at the Fisher House on Fort Bliss when he was born several months premature and he was in the NICU at WBAMC for several months.  We were given a comfortable room, a kitchen to prepare food, and a place of sanity and support while we worried about and took care of our little guy.

This isn't a bleg for cash, although a donation to this cause is always welcome.  What I'm asking for is a donation of something you're not using.

In a former job, I used to travel a lot, and I built up a metric ton of airline miles.  Since leaving that job, I've used most of these, but now there is a residue of miles scattered across four or five airlines.  I was just going to forget about them and let them expire, until I recently listened to Dark Secret Place.  Bryan Suits interviewed a lady from Fisher House, and she mentioned the Hero Miles program.  Basically, you donate your frequent flyer miles to Fisher House, they combine them with other donations, and provide airline tickets to families so they can travel between home and the base their servicemember is rehab'ing at.

So I filled out the forms and sent them in.  It's better that my miles be used by someone than they be expired by the airlines.  And I'm giving a little back to a group that's been there for me.

So, if you have airline miles that you aren't using, please consider putting them to good use.  It won't cost you anything, and it's a good cause.

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Scott McCray said...

DB -

Don't have any miles, but I will mention it to folks that do. Very cool.

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