Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just sets me off like a roman candle

While stopping at the local SuperMegaBigBoxMart for camping groceries, I ran into one of the personality types that just gets under my skin:  The Helpless Human Being.

Ladies and gentlemen, no-one has been responsible for you since your mama taught you to not make messes on the good carpet.  There are several things that an adult in our society must be emotionally and psychologically able to do, including:

  • Shop for groceries
  • Pay for groceries, either with cash, check, or plastic
  • Pump gas
  • Cross the street without being killed
  • Not make messes on the carpet when not supervised

Doing the soft voiced "Fiddle dee dee, I've always relied on the kindness of strangers" Katie Scarlett O'Hara imitation is not useful, it's annoying.

Coming to the check out with a basket of stuff, arguing with both the cashier and the manager over the price of your shampoo, toilet paper, tuna fish, peanut butter, potato chips, and personal lubricant, and then not knowing how to properly fill out a check or use your debit card is assenine.  Doing all this while talking in that sweet, soft, Southern accent in an attempt to elicit sympathy from said cashier and manager is manipulative.

It's not the 1950's anymore.  Computers and such are a part of living.  Learn to work with them, or hire someone to do your errands for you.  Either stop acting stupid and start taking care of yourself, or start going to someone else's store.


Ruth said...

Try being the cashier when one of those comes through your line. You can't even DO anything about it cause that soft voiced method doesn't give you an excuse that would hold for corporate.

Julie said...

Do i get a pass on the 'pump gas' thing ... it's something i've got a real phobia about ...

DaddyBear said...

Ruth, you have my sympathies. I went into IT because I cannot stand to have contact with that many strangers in a day.

Julie, as long as it's not a way of life, no problem.

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