Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bears in the News

A Florida woman reports that a large black bear took a quick swim in her pool.  The lady says that she is used to seeing bears in her yard, but this is the first one to take a dip.  She scared the furry bather away, but is worried he may return.  I can't say I blame the bear.  Wearing a fur coat in June in Florida must be painful. Then again, I'd hate to have to clean that pool filter.

Authorities in South Carolina are trying to trap a young black bear that has wandered into town using sardines and honey buns as bait. It's been my experience that if you want to catch a DaddyBear, the best bait is coffee, bacon, diet cola, and a good book, but there's no telling with these young bears today.  Damn kids will give the world away for a few canned fish and some pre-made pastries.

And on a sad note, a bear and two motorists were killed when the bear was propelled through both the windshield and rear window of an SUV after being hit by another car.  Amazingly, a third occupant of the car was not killed.  While I'm saddened by the loss of life, I'm amazed that a Pontiac can impart enough force upon a 300 pound bear to drive it up and through an SUV the long way while hitting two seats on the way through.  The guys in the Pontiac must have been going about Warp 3.

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